brain meld
In the old Star Trek TV series, Vulcans like Spock employed a technique for sharing knowledge, memories, experiences and thoughts with another individual, essentially a limited form of telepathy. It was called the mind meld. Where are we going with this? While we at Brain Meld won’t claim to be able to get into your head to the degree the esteemed Mr. Spock could, we feel that the news and information we supply on this site is timely and interesting — and dare we say, fascinating — enough that we will be making a deep connection with you.
We don’t focus on the mundane, common topics you’ll find covered by many websites. We like to investigate topics from a unique angle that most others ignore. Consider the growing popularity of meditation, and how that area of health and wellness is typically written about. Across the internet you’ll find article after article on the trend towards mindfulness meditation — the practice of “being in the moment” and meditating to mentally train yourself to slow your racing thoughts and let go of negativity. Nothing wrong with that. But, in one sentence we pretty much covered 90% of what mindfulness meditation is. When it comes to a topic, such as meditation, rather than rehash what already exists on hundreds of websites, we pick a more obscure, interesting niche.

For meditation that might be ganzframes — special goggles that, along, with earbuds, make use of light and sound to meditate. By hooking up ganzframe googles and earbuds to a special iPod-like device you can watch and listen to coordinated flashes of light and pulses of sound to change the state of your brainwaves and and enter a hypnotic form of meditation. Now that is some rich stuff!