glutathione anti-aging

Glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent, and it’s also something of a well-kept secret. Outside the wellness community, few people have even heard of it, but it’s now time to lift the curtain on this life-saving molecule that delivers incredible benefits, and even helps slow theRead More →

uk travel

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have claims to be different and distinct. Taken as a whole the United Kingdom contains more heritage, per square mile, than any other nation, tracts of stunningly beautiful countryside, a coastline to die for and some of the most vibrant, multicultural cities onRead More →

skincare pseudoscience

Take a fashion or lifestyle magazine or visit websites of this type. The very first thing you would see is countless ads for beauty and skincare products. These ads are from different manufacturers and use different strategies, but they do have one thing in common – they are misleading. Actually,Read More →

genetic testing cons

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies could cause their own controversy. Many of these companies are expanding their services to offer more information about health, and the FDA may crack down on the kind of info that can be provided. About Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Genomic Tests There are many interesting things our DNARead More →

inspirational travel destinations

There is widespread propaganda in the world that portrays the world as risky and dangerous. As travelers are all aware, this is far from the reality of cultures and places waiting to be explored out there. The world is open and hospitable. The Destinations Our world is filled with beautifulRead More →

intuitive eating

Intuitive eating is an approach to eating and weight management that is based on becoming more attuned to the body’s natural signals of hunger and fullness. Rather than keeping track of portions, or calories, or carbs, intuitive eaters know the exact amount of food they need because they know howRead More →

different cannabinoids

There’s no question that the U.S. market for CBD products is riding high — health analysts believe it could be worth an estimated $21 billion by 2022. But in a landscape that’s becoming saturated with CBD-rich oils, balms, tinctures, and beauty products, how is any one brand expected to standRead More →

sleep issues

Sleeping may not seem like a high-tech endeavor. After all, it’s something we all do naturally, without even having to practice. But there are all kinds of complications affecting sleep, from staring at screens to noisy environments to just the everyday stress of being a human. That means almost allRead More →

internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is destined to change how we live and work by merging the digital with the physical. But there’s a dark side to this evolution. The Internet of Things (IoT) Previously referred to as Ambient Intelligence, and now often referred with the label “smart“-objects, the InternetRead More →